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Cuban Rice is an American company based in Miami Florida. It was created by Cristina Rice, a fashion-crazed Cuban-American, who grew up around the beaches of Miami where wearing a bathing suit is a year-round fashion staple.

Cristy always dreamed of creating her own line of swimwear & accessories that would capture her own sexiness, funkiness and style!

Her inspiration comes from her Cuban heritage, her life in the multicultural city of Miami and the many places she travels around the world. Cuban Rice is a brand that can best be described as fun, sexy, colorful, and free spirited.

The debut collection “Cubanita” is a mix of the different styles, fabrics, embroideries and accessories that capture her vision and portray her personality.

Cristy is a firm believer that “La Actitud is Everything” therefore her line is meant to be worn by those who believe in themselves.